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September 11, 2013
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Something unexpected. [Alternate Universe.]

He looked at the small children in front of him with little to no emotion, though it was something unperceivable through looks, one could tell that Levi’s aura was far more relaxed and gentle than usual, and observing this scene unfold was just about the sweetest thing [Name] had ever seen.

He allowed the children to climb atop of his back, and even cradled one in his arms as she pleaded him to read her a story, and even if he obliged to all their requests, his expression was nothing more than a indecipherable façade. And with a smile tugging at the corners of her lips did she decide to pay attention to the children she was tending to. A warm hand made its way to caress the short blonde tresses of a young boy with bright sapphire eyes, watching as two of his friends set to building a small castle with the use of multi colored blocks- one having a calm, emotionless expression whereas the other one held his brows furrowed together as if he were holding in his flatulence.

After a moment of watching the children hard at work on their castle, [Name] took a tentative glance at her friend as a grin formed on her face, [e/c] hues radiating with admiration at the darling sight in front of her.

Rocking a young russet haired child back and forth in his arms as she rested snug against his chest, with a potato latched in her small hands; from the corner of her [e/c] eyes, [Name] could see the hints of the subtlest smile form on Levi’s face which caused her to squeal to herself in delight- it was too adorable for her to bear. The thought of Levi ever being gentle with anyone, especially children was enough to make [Name] realize just how big of a crush she harbored on her friend.

In all truth, she never expected that he would ever agree to help volunteer here, because as far as she knew Levi had little compassion for most people and that left her a little apprehensive about asking him to join her to volunteer for their community service credits in school. But to her surprise, Levi accepted.

Another squeal parted from her lips as she saw another child walk up to Levi and the male allowed him to climb on his back and take a nap just as the potato girl had done. Though [Name]’s giggling seemed to be much louder than she anticipated seeing as afterwards, Levi glanced over and gave her a strange look, demanding what had caused her to utter such odd noises.

“What’s so funny,” he mouthed towards her as she tried to shake her head to deny that anything was in the least bit humorous, her [h/c] locks swaying from her head motion.

“Nothing,” [Name] pronounced in response as she continued to cradle the small boy in her arms, Levi doing the same with the young girl, giving [Name] a look that was full of disbelief. Clearly Levi knew she was lying and he refused to have that as an answer, but there was nothing he could do about it for now.


[Name] held one of the children in her arms, spoon feeding them as Levi attempted to make two of them sit down at the table in order to eat their snacks, but the two children had other ideas.

The girl holding the potato ran to the other side of the room, Levi chasing her around in a tow, while dragging the other little boy by the back of his shirt as to make sure he didn’t get away. However, the young brunette girl gave Levi more trouble than he anticipated- leaving him to chase after her for a whole ten minutes, while [Name] watched it all happen, giggling all the while.

After Levi finally had both children in his arms, a small look of irritation painted across his face as he glanced over to [Name], again wondering what she found so utterly hilarious about his situation that she had to giggle all by herself about it. But the girl continued to act as if nothing happened and took care of the children as Levi put the two trouble makers down and made them sit at a table.


“No! Don’t wanna!”

“I said eat.”

Levi grabbed two cookies off the plate and stuffed them directly into the two children’s mouths and sat down next to them. He had a strange look on his face, it was incomprehensible, but [Name] could tell that there was something good in it, a look of endearment, almost. It was so unexpected for [Name] to see that she couldn’t help but stare at him, wanting to say something but the words wouldn’t part from her mouth.

[Name] was staring at the male, though he didn’t seem to notice as he was too absorbed in his duties tending to the children, even going so far as to wipe the crumbs off their faces with a gentle dab of a cloth to their soiled faces.

“You brats don’t know how to clean yourselves,” he said, though there was no menace in his voice at all as he wiped the potato girl’s face as she smiled at him with chocolate still stuck to her teeth. Levi smiled a little bit at the girl and his aura softened once again.

“Thank you! Levi-onii,” she grinned at him before jumping up and running around the room again as [Name] squealed none too quietly, turning Levi’s attention towards her.

“You’re making those weird noises again, [Name].”

“O-oh! W-well, I just can’t help it!”

 Levi’s sapphire hues flickered with curiosity as he arched a brow at her previous statement.

“How so?”

“I just didn't expect you to be so comfortable with kids is all,” [Name] uttered an awkward laugh as she rubbed the back of her head, feeling a little foolish for saying that out loud.

“Really now?”

“Yeah, but it’s nice to see that you’re having fun with them,” she smiled at him with that motherly impression beaming from her smile as the faintest signs of a smirk seemed to creep up on Levi’s face.

“Huh. So how many children are we having, [Name]?” 

[ReaderXLevi] [Genre]: Fluff/ Humor. [Disclaimer]: Shingeki No Kyojin nor its characters belong to me. I hope that you enjoy this! Please comment and favorite if you do. I appreciate comments and favorites even if I don't reply. Thank you all! I loved writing this so much because picturing Levi being so suave was the best thing ever. 
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